Who are we?

Planpoint is the WFM software of the Déhora Consultancy Group, the leading consulting firm in workforce management and workforce planning.

About us

Déhora Consultancy Group

Our adventure begins in 1987 with Ben Jansen, one of the first experts in the field of work time and employee scheduling.

At a young age, Ben was introduced to the field of business psychology. In the early 1980s he graduated as a Work and Organizational Psychologist, then worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. More and more companies had questions about working hours and shift work. Hot topic! Inspired by this trend, the idea arose to establish a consultancy firm: Déhora Consultancy Group.

Fast forward to today:  Déhora has grown into a global player and knowledge leader with 230 professionals spread over 6 countries – with activities in even more countries. Our workforce management services and experience are full-service and not tied to one activity.

About Planpoint

Planpoint was born from the vibrant mind of Luk Berlanger. Together with the unparalleled expertise of the Belgian software team. Rooted in years of experience in scheduling software (selection, implementation, customization, etc.) and reinforced by in-depth ICT knowledge, Planpoint embodies the best of both WFM and technology.

Our services

Full-service expertise

Workforce Management from A to Z

Independent consulting

We consulant and assist organizations on every possible staff planning and workforce management issue.

Interim support

Is your planner or dispatcher temporarily out of action ? Or could you temporarily use extra help to bridge a period of time?


Déhora Academy is our institute for professionals who want to develop in the field of workforce planning and WFM.

Planning as a Service

Outsource your workforce planning? You can entrus your scheduling and WFM to our Planning Service Center.

Recruitment and selection

Are you looking for a permanent planner or WFM manager? Thanks to our unique expertise, we are the best partner of choice in your search.


Déhora can answer all your questions concerning the automation of your workforce planning.

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We are happy to tell you more about our services and how we can help improve your workforce management and scheduling.

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