Customer and file management

In Planpoint, you have your employee scheduling and all of your customers' or clients' important information in one place. Simplify administration and work smarter.

Integrated customer and client management

Say farewell to fragmented information in different systems. Planpoint offers an integrated solution for both client information and employee scheduling.

Planpoint - workforce scheduling and client management
Customer management

Digital customer files

No more hassle with separate spreadsheets or files. Important customer information is available anywhere, anytime, and integrated into your work schedules. Customers and files are organized according to your activities: financial info, files, certificates, devices, personal data, emergency contact, social supplement, care schedule, orders, etc.

All this information is also mobile accessible in the roster of your employees. This in turn saves you a lot of time and frustration. Online customer files are a must-have when planning home care, home nursing, additional family care or technical services.

Customer management

Integration with your schedules

Planpoint guarantees professional follow-up and scheduling of clients and client assignments. Add (call) notes and actions per client, immediately view all historical and all planned activities.

Register individual characteristics, financial data and the relationship with your employees. Even use positive or negative points. Customers or clients can also be grouped by zip code, neighborhood or address. Also keep track of documents, photos or files effortlessly

Customer management

Connect to other systems

Is your customer or order data in another system and would you like to link it to your WFM system to plan more efficiently?That’s possible, too. Planpoint enables secure, real-time exchange of information between different systems.

Planpoint links easily with your social secretariat, your CRM, the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, etc. A link with your system for service orders (e.g. Navision) or asset management is also an option.In short, all the information you need for optimal planning.

Planpoint WFM platform

Endless possibilities for your Workforce Management

Combine smart workforce scheduling with supporting solutions such as time tracking, employee management, employee self service and much more.


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