Scheduling software specific to your industry

WFM software should fit seamlessly with your specific processes and your workforce planning. Discover below how Planpoint can also improve your workforce management.

Planpoint WFM platform

WFM software for your industry

Planpoint is designed to meet a variety of workforce management and scheduling requirements. Regardless of your sector or the size of your organization.

planpoint wfm integratie
Planpoint WFM Platform

One unified solution

Secure the staff planning of different deparments and services in the same WFM system.

Thanks to the innovative and flexible nature of our software, we can secure the scheduling of all your services in one and the same integrated Planpoint system. Regardless of whether you are scheduling shifts, tasks or customers.

This means: one WFM software throughout your organization, smooth implementation, no duplicate registrations and more results. And this without costly customization.

Moreover, you can scale up at your own pace. You can start with one department and join later with another. The possibilities are endless:

  • Home care and residential care centers;
  • Manufacturing and in-house technicians;
  • All city services: chore service, library and BKO;
  • Workplace planning and training;
  • Operational services along with receptionists;

Is your industry not in this list?

No worries. Chances are we have already helped organizations operating in the same industry.
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