Workforce management software for healthcare

Planpoint is a versatile, user-friendly software for staff scheduling and time management in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare organizations, among others.

All-in-one WFM platform

Combine flexible staff schedule with digital time tracking, among other things. Keep more time for patients and other important activities


Planpoit - example of scheduling shifts

Always the best schedules

Create, manage and modify flexible and clear staff schedules for your hospital or residential care center in no time. For different departments, even across departments.

Make the most optimal rosters based on different requirements: required qualifications, availability and minimum occupancy per shift. Benefit from smart controls on various hard and “soft” rules, such as overlapping shifts, maximum consecutive working days, rest periods and other roster-related issues.

Planpoint - self-rostering wish phase


Want to get started with self-scheduling in one or more departments? Using Planpoint, self-rostering becomes easy, transparent and efficient – for both your planners and your employees.

For each planning period, you indicate the desired deployment of employees in the form of shifts or hourly staffing levels. It is then up to your employees to create their own schedules. This can be done easily via tablet or smartphone, alone or together with the family.

planpoint multiple devices wfm

Time and attendance

With Planpoint, you can also opt for digital time and task registration. Let your (care) staff clock in and out via their smartphone, via the Planpoint kiosk or using their own physical terminals. Hours, tasks and attendance are automatically recorded and processed in real time.

View scheduled and worked times instantly in one overview. Smart rules help with control and approval.

Planpoint - competentiematrix

Skill Management

In Planpoint, it is possible to manage the abilities and qualifications of your care staff, including certificates and licenses. This allows only qualified staff to be scheduled for specific tasks or departments.

During (automatic) scheduling, you receive real-time notifications when certain competencies are not met. Managing skills and qualifications also includes monitoring the validity of certificates.

Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Employee engagement

Using smartphones or Planpoint’s web platform, your healthcare employees can access their work schedules and personal balances, such as vacation, leave and compensation hours, anytime and anywhere.

You can allow your employees to swap shifts, submit roster preferences or request leave themselves, with or without the intervention of the planner or supervisor. This provides peace of mind and simplifies numerous internal processes.


Worry-free payroll admin

Have the hours been verified and approved? Have the services been booked? Planpoint gladly and securely links with your own payroll or payroll system.

Different types of hours, such as sick and vacation hours, as well as hours worked, can be exchanged securely and seamlessly. Supplements for working holidays and night shifts, for example, are applied automatically. Say goodbye to manual entry and duplicate data; save time and frustration.

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