Staff scheduling software for home care

Modern WFM solution for family care, supplemental home care, chore help and other home-based services. Thanks to the app, employees always have access to their work schedule.

All-in-one WFM platform for home care

Planpoint offers an integrated WFM software solution for client records, home care planning and reporting.

Planpoint - Staff scheduling software for home care

Smart client scheduling

Create, modify and publish schedules for family care, supplemental home care and home nursing in no time. Assign employees, clients and tasks based on qualifications, location and availability. Take advantage of smart and convenient features when creating staff schedules and maintain control over your staff deployment.

In addition, take advantage of smart checks on violations and rules. Enjoy automatic scheduling and even rosters that cross departments, teams or districts.

Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Employee engagement

Via smartphone or tablet, caregivers and cleaning teams always and everywhere have insight into their work schedules, the team roster (optional) and personal balances, such as vacation, leave and compensation hours.

You can also allow your employees to perform some scheduling tasks themselves, such as: swapping clients, submitting scheduling preferences or requesting leave. This can be done with or without the intervention of the scheduler or supervisor. This provides peace of mind and simplifies numerous administrative processes.


Signaling and messages

Planpoint also offers several mobile features for on-site work. For example, cleaning teams and caregivers can easily track expenses per visit via smartphone, record performance, enter mileage and more.

It is also possible to keep track of comments or evaluations per client and per visit about changes and signals they notice during their visits. In short, an indispensable signal function.

Planpoint - workforce scheduling and client management

Customer management

Digital client records are available directly in Planpoint, and immediately usable in your planning. Keep comprehensive information on clients and visits: client contribution, personal data, assistance schedules, history, individual characteristics, waiting list management and more.

With automatic link to social security and automatic calculation of user contribution.


Performance management

Have performened hours been verified and approved? Have the services been booked? Planpoint will gladly and securely interface with your own payroll or payroll system.

An integration with Vesta ensures the correct exchange of performance and therefore a more efficient and faster payment of subsidies. The same information can be used for invoicing and payroll. No more hassle with checking, adding up and entering hours.

Planpoint klant - de thuisverpleegster

Welface association West-Brabant

Read how a successful collaboration between Welface association West-Brabant and Déhora led to the ideal software for planning services at home.
Why Planpoint

Planpoint for home services

Farewell Excel

Your work schedules and clients in one central, digital system that is also available online

Boost engagement

Allow employees to check their own work schedules, request substitutions and submit leave requests via smartphone.

Save valuable time

Creating and managing client schedules takes less time. Keep a grip on your staffing and plan proactively. Reduce your administration.

Better communication

Caretakers and cleaning teams never miss a schedule change again. No more calling around for every change.

Digital processing

No more manual entry, processing and forwarding of performances. Just do it digitally with Planpoint.

Unique scheduling features

Find the most suitable employee or client, route of the day, planning in CADO, positive and negative relationships, open items list, etc.
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