Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Mobile engagement

Engage your deskless teams while improving your workforce planning. Planpoint pairs with a user-friendly and interactive platform (ESS) for employees.

Engage employees and save time.

With Planpoint, you can access work schedules and time information anytime, anywhere.Let employees record scheduling tasks themselves – via smartphone.

Mobile engagement

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Via My Planpoint, your employees have direct access to their staff schedules and HR information, via both smartphone and laptop. Your employees can view their own work schedule or team schedule, and consult personal balances (vacation, leave and compensation hours, etc.).

Based on rights and roles, you can allow employees to swap shifts among themselves, submit roster preferences or request leave themselves. With or without the intervention of the planner or manager.

Planpoint - functionalities for online schedules via smartphone
Mobile engagement

Mobile functionality

Planpoint ESS also provides your employees with a number of practical mobile features that can be useful when performing work at a customer’s site.

Your employees can sign off on tasks or service orders, add additional information about an activity, add receipts or photos, have customers sign off, and much more. On top of that, they have important information about customers or work immediately at hand.

Mobile engagement

My Planpoint ESS

Speed up and simplify internal processes thanks to the involvement of your employees.

Administrative efficiency

Automate and digitize "small" planning issues and requests that would otherwise take up a lot of time.

More efficient workflows

Automation of leave and absence registration, among other things, with manager approval.

Available 24/7

Work schedules and HR information are available digitally non-stop to your employees.

Flexibly adjustable

Depending on function, level or other requirements, you can assign 'read' or 'do' rights to your employees.
Planpoint WFM platform

Endless possibilities for your Workforce Management

Combine smart workforce scheduling with supporting solutions such as time tracking, employee management, employee self service and more.

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Your workforce schedules and planning in Planpoint?

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