The WFM software for technical (field) services

Planpoint supports, facilitates and optimizes the planning of field services or technicians. Thanks to mobile functions, technicians always have access to important planning information.

All-in-one WFM platform for technician scheduling

Planpoint offers an integrated solution for workforce scheduling, order management, customer records and reporting in field services.

Planpoint- staff planning and scheduling of technicians

Optimal field scheduling

Create, modify and publish the schedule of your technicians and your clients in no time. Assign services or tasks based on qualifications, location and the availability of your field staff.

Benefit from automated rules and controls for optimal and fast service to your customers. Automatically check for the most appropriate technician and route of the day. Spread assignments or installations over several days.

Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Mobile features

By means of a smartphone or tablet, your technicians always and everywhere have insight into the latest planning and the team planning (optional). Technicians or field engineers immediately see which orders they need to carry out, for which customers and at which location.

Through Planpoint, your technicians can also perform planning tasks themselves, including: having orders or receipts signed off, tracking mileage, adding comments about an installation, forwarding images and much more.

Planpoint - competentiematrix

Skills management

Manage specific skills, abilities, training and certificates of your technicians directly in Planpoint. Automatic checks then ensure that your technicians can only be scheduled for tasks or departments for which they are qualified, including checking the validity (period) of certificates and licenses.

Take advantage of all this information to always schedule the most appropriate technician, without overlooking crucial competencies or activities.

Planpoint - workforce scheduling and client management

Customer management

Manage information about your clients directly in Planpoint and plan even more efficiently. Keep detailed records of customers (contacts, opening hours, address details, locations), their equipment and all future and historical activities.

These digital customer records are seamlessly integrated into Planpoint and therefore directly usable in your work schedules. Technicians can access the latest customer information on-site via mobile.


Exchanging data

Planpoint is happy to interface with your other peripheral systems and software. Is your customer data, or your information about orders and installations, in another software? No problem.

An integration with Planpoint ensures a secure and correct exchange of these data to and from your WFM software. A link with invoicing and payroll is also possible.

Hilaire Van der Haeghe NV

Read how the Hilaire Van der Haeghe Group uses Planpoint for better scheduling of technicians, customers and materials. Includes linkage to its ordering system.
Why Planpoint?

Planpoint for field services

One system

No more separate Excel worksheets, Outlook calendars and different mailboxes. In Planpoint, you have everything sàm together.

Boost commitment

Your technicians can consult their work schedule, request changes and submit leave requests anywhere, anytime via their smartphone.

Grip on capacity

Keep an overview of your required and available capacity, both in the short and long term.

Plan ahead

Creating and managing customer schedules in Planpoint takes no time at all. Plan proactively and keep a grip on the capacity of technicians.

Always proper insight

Create reports and statistics on tasks completed, technician productivity and compliance with service levels.

Unique features

Search most suitable technician, route of the day, spread assignments over several days, schedule follow-up visits,...
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