Planpoint - time and attendance registration

Time and attendance

Let your employees punch in and out with their own smartphone. Quickly compare scheduled time with actual time worked. Manage hours and exchange information with your payroll without any worries. Simple and clear!

Not just time registration

Combine timekeeping with smart time management thanks to seamless integration within the Planpoint WFM platform.

Time and attendance

Time tracking via smartphone or tablet

Employees can easily punch working hours, tasks or assignments. Either via smartphone, kiosk or your own physical terminals. Recorded times, presences and performed tasks are automatically updated in real time in Planpoint.

In addition to time tracking, your employees can request sick leave and absences. With or without managerial approval.

Planpoint - managing time and attendance
Time and attendance

Extensive time management

Check and approve deviations or overtime. With Planpoint, you get instant insight into discrepancies between planned and recorded work hours. As team leader, you are always up-to-date with a real-time overview of who is currently working, who is absent and which open shifts still need to be filled.

Dashboards, views and reports give you a clear and understandable picture of hours, absences and costs. In addition, set your own smart rules to specifically verify deviations and errors.

Time and attendance

Seamless integration

Various types of hours, such as sick leave, holiday or performance (with allowance calculation), can be automatically forwarded to your payroll for quick and accurate payroll processing. Indeed, Planpoint easily interfaces with virtually any payroll provider.

Performance and the wages of your employees can therefore be processed automatically, on time and without errors. Avoid copying errors and save time.

Planpoint - managing time and attendance via ipad terminal
Time and attendance

Planpoint kiosk

Want to offer your employees the ability to (also) register time via a physical booking terminal? Meet the Planpoint Kiosk! The Planpoint Kiosk is an affordable and innovative alternative to traditional, expensive time clocks.

Your employees can clock in immediately via a QR code or their unique PIN – it’s that easy! No high cost of purchasing a terminal and your kiosk is installed in no time.


Manage time and hours

Smart and useful features to simplify your timekeeping and scheduling. Avoid surprises!

Employees at the center

Easily record hours, attendance and performance wherever and whenever you want. Via mobile and web.

Clear insight

Real-time insight into hours, projects, illness and leave and much more. Discover deviations in time and avoid surprises.

Smart time reports

Set up rules and notifications to track breaks, absences and notifications that require approval

Safe integration

Connect Planpoint to your other backoffice tools such as your payroll or accounting. Simplify your workflows.

Standalone or not

Time tracking with Planpoint also works as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with online work schedules.

Digital and physical

Planpoint can retrieve and process clock information from both the app and your own physical terminals.
Planpoint WFM platform

Endless possibilities for your Workforce Management

Combine smart workforce scheduling with supporting solutions such as time tracking, employee management, employee self service and more.

Planpoint step by step commissioning of your scheduling software

Your time and attendance with Planpoint?

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