Workforce management software for manufacturing

Planpoint is a user-friendly WFM solution for manufacturing and logistics. Optimize staff schedules and production lines, reduce operational challenges and ensure the most optimal utilization.

All-in-one WFM platform for production

Planpoint offers a flexible, easy-to-use workforce scheduling and time management solution for manufacturing companies.

Planpoit - example of scheduling shifts

Roster management

Planpoint is suitable for managing and creating both basic and cyclical shift schedules. Create work schedules based on employee availability, skills, production needs and other criteria. Make changes quickly and resolve conflicts immediately. The system automatically performs checks according to predefined rules, such as maximum working hours or minimum rest periods between shifts.

Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Engage your employees

Via both smartphones and Planpoint’s web platform, your production employees have access to their work schedules and personal counters, including vacation, leave and compensation hours.

In addition, you have the option of allowing your employees to swap shifts, submit their own schedule preferences or request their own leave. Whether or not the scheduler or supervisor intervenes.

Planpoint - competentiematrix

Skill management

Different services or tasks demand different competencies and experience levels. Advanced skills management, such as the skills matrix in Planpoint, provides assistance in this regard.

Record in detail and continuously update the skills and qualifications of each individual employee – including automatic tracking of validity period certificates and attestations. Use this information to plan the most suitable employee per task or shift, without overlooking crucial competencies.

Plan board - planning of shifts with rotated schedule

Production Planning

For manufacturing and logistics, Planpoint introduces a rotated scheduling model. Define shifts and tasks and determine the complexity, skills required, physical exertion and other characteristics for each shift. Then schedule the most suitable employees based on the specific requirements of each shift. Planpoint automatically performs checks for competencies, experience and availability.

In addition, Planpoint provides the ability to plan production lines or teams at the umbrella level. Optimize the allocation of employees and resources to different production lines, taking into account the actual demand and capacity of each line.

Shift schedule - rotation schedule in Planpoint

Automatic rotation

Automatically create the most optimal rotation schedules based on staffing requirements, individual skills, legal and contractual restrictions, preferences and the availability of your employees. Define one or more time slots, divide the shifts by day part (Early, Late, Night, and so on) and set the maximum hourly deviation. Then Planpoint automatically assigns the required positions for each time period.

The rotation schedule can be applied for any time period and shift assignment you choose. Planpoint calculates the most effective composition of your teams or departments so that there is always sufficient expertise and capabilities.

Planpoint - time and attendance registration

Time and task registration

Employees can easily punch worked hours and tasks via smartphone, kiosk or your own physical terminals. Registered times, attendance and performed tasks are automatically updated in real time in Planpoint.

Check and approve deviations or overtime, and immediately gain insight into differences between planned and registered working hours. As team leader, you have a real-time overview of who is working, who is absent and what shifts are open.

wfm planpoint onboarding

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