Workforce Management software for services

Planpoint is a versatile, user-friendly software for employee scheduling and time management in service organizations.

All-in-one Scheduling platform.

Combine decision-supporting scheduling software with digital time tracking and mobile functionalities, and more.

Planpoit - example of scheduling shifts

Modern scheduling

Create, modify and publish staff schedules for different departments or teams, including cross-team or cross-departmental scheduling. Assign shifts or tasks based on qualifications, desired staffing and employee availability.

Alerts for both hard and “soft rules” can be easily set up. While scheduling, check for overlapping activities, maximum consecutive work days, rest periods and other factors.

Planpoint - mobile features and options online employee scheduling

Activate your staff

Via smartphones or Planpoint’s web application, your employees can access their own work schedules, the team schedule (optional) and their personal counters, such as vacation, leave and compensation counters, anytime and anywhere.

With the appropriate permissions, your employees can swap shifts among themselves, submit roster preferences or even request vacation hours, with or without the intervention of the scheduler or team leader.

Planpoint - time and attendance registration

Record time and tasks

Take advantage of digital time and task registration. Have your staff clock in and out via smartphone, the Planpoint kiosk or using physical terminals. Clocked hours, tasks and attendance are automatically recorded and processed in Planpoint in real time.

As a team leader, you have an instant overview of who is working, who is absent and what shifts are open. Also view planned and worked times at a glance. Smart time rules help you with control and approval.

Planpoint - competentiematrix

Skill management

Manage your employees’ skills and competencies in Planpoint for smarter staff deployment. Ensure that qualified employees can only be scheduled to certain tasks or departments. Add and track attestations and certifications.

Take advantage of all the information to always schedule the most appropriate employees, without overlooking crucial competencies or tasks.

Planpoint - Occupancy and workplace scheduling

Workstation management

Management wFor many service organizations, the location or workplace (room, hall, floor,…) of the tasks or services is also very important. Planpoint provides optimal support for the allocation of work and people to specific locations. Gain insight into work, people, equipment and locations. Maximise the utilisation of locations and rooms.

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