Planpoint - measure work time and work stress

Understanding work pressure and workload

Measure your employees' time use at the task level and provide insight into physical and mental strain. Then translate task and time information into your most optimal staffing requirements and utilization.

Grip on working time and workload

Gain insight into actual time spent by employees at daily and task level. Measure subjective workload and work pressure

Planpoint - measure work time and work stress
Workload and vitality

Work load and time

Exactly how much time do your people need to complete specific tasks? Moreover, do you have enough staff and time to perform all the planned work? To measure is to know!

An objective task and time measurement by your employees, using Planpoint, provides you with a lot of essential knowledge. Your organization can use this knowledge to improve your staffing levels, standard times, task organization and workload.

Planpoint - measure work time and work stress
Workload and vitality

Work experience and stress

Your employees’ time perception and perspective can provide a wealth of information. They can tell you whether they perceive the workload as high or just acceptable. It is equally important to find out if there are specific tasks that your employees perceive as mentally or physically demanding.

These kinds of insights can help you identify potential bottlenecks in your work process, and or redistribute tasks to better distribute the workload. This allows you to take targeted measures based not only on numbers, but also on the well-being and satisfaction of your staff.

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Workload and vitality

From insights to actions

After your time measurement with planpoint, you are in possession of incredibly valuable data. You can analyze this to visibly improve your work organization and staffing, among other things. You can import the information directly into Excel or business intelligence software. You can do the analysis yourself or leave it to our consultants. From a time measurement you can extract a.o.

  • tasks and time spent per task;
  • estimate of standard times;
  • indication of workload;
  • insight into personnel needs;
  • motivation, variation and emotional strain;
  • necessary and superfluous tasks;
Workload and work pressure

Time measurement with Planpoint

Ideal number of FTE

Measure how many employees you really need. Get a handle on overstaffing and understaffing.

Smart organisation

Look critically at tasks and activities, organize work smarter and more efficiently.

Focus on the future

Connect time allocation with business objectives.

Real workload

Discover the real causes of high or low workload down to the task level.

Estimate stantard times

Set standard times per task or assignment, for better work schedules, among other things.

Personal experience

Connect objective data to individual perception, gain insight into risks.
Planpoint WFM platform

Endless possibilities for your Workforce Management

Combine smart workforce scheduling with supporting solutions such as time tracking, employee management, employee self service and more.

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