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Discover how de Thuisverpleegster improved her home nursing staff scheduling and payroll administration thanks to Planpoint. From Excel and manual work to a modern online WFM solution.

Less stress and more time thanks to Planpoint

For the Home Nurse, workforce planning was a synonym for tinkering in Excel sheets, communicating by Whatsapp and the manual input of performances. This was no longer acceptable. With Planpoint, Home Nurse found the WFM software she needed


20 years of passionate home nursing

De Thuisverpleegster has been an established name in home care for over twenty years. The organization boasts 25 super passionate and specialized nurses, divided into different teams: home nursing, wound care, diabetes education and general hygienic home care. In addition, the organization operates a care farm. The Home Nurse’s goal and philosophy is to provide patients with the best possible home nursing care, day and night. And they are truly top-notch at that.

In return, of course, is optimal staff planning and communication. It is important that the right caregivers, with the right skills, can provide the right nursing care at the right time. However, due to a growth in the number of staff and rounds, the puzzling and tinkering in scheduling became more and more of a challenge.

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The challenge: missing online schedules and modern planning

For years, the organization relied on Excel worksheets and good old pen and paper for its scheduling of rounds and payroll. As the team grew, it became clear that this method of workforce management was no longer sustainable.

The scheduling of employees and rounds was made up and maintained in different lists with a rainbow of color codes. It became more difficult to constantly keep track of hours worked, new requests and changes, among other things. On top of that, payroll administration meant a lot of manual work: keeping track of hours worked and counters, and typing these into the Payroll system every month (cf. Okay from Partena). And that is quite an error-prone activity.

“Personnel planning as well as payroll administration became at a certain point a really tiring, time-consuming activity. It became increasingly difficult to keep an overview, but also to pass on hours correctly. We had early and late shifts, nights, intermittent shifts, Saturdays, Sundays. All with different allowances. And this also had to be calculated manually.” said Françoise Vercruysse, business manager and scheduling manager at De Thuisverpleegster

The organization went in search of a modern software solution for personnel management and administration. And in particular a partner with the same mindset: growing and learning together. With this in mind, Planpoint, and its collaboration with Déhora, ultimately seemed an obvious choice.

“After the short demo by Déhora, I was immediately in tune. In terms of functionality, Planpoint really was everything I needed. More than that, what was decisive for me was Déhora’s vision and the flexibility of the software. This is not just another software where you have to do everything with what you get. It’s a solution that continues to grow and innovate. The people at Déhora think ahead and dare to change. That’s how I am too,” says Françoise.

Smarter planning and integration with back office

Currently De Thuisverpleegster  is using Planpoint for scheduling employees, rounds – and the admin of performance. Since the launch of Planpoint, that planning has been completely digital, from one central and accessible location. Goodbye coloring book, lists, bills and hassles!

Planpoint offers user-friendly and intuitive support in creating and tracking work hours and work schedules. Among other things, thanks to a clear planning board of the round planning of the different teams. It is easy to adjust hours worked or scheduled rounds. In addition, the software is seamlessly linked to Partena for payroll, which in turn saves time.

Finally, nurses and caregivers can use Planpoint’s mobile capabilities on the go, at home, and with clients. From the Planpoint ESS, for example, they can book hours, request absences and consult their work schedules. And even more is possible for on-site services.

What else did Planpoint deliver?

The WFM application additionally stimulates employee involvement and communication. The result: increased employee and customer satisfaction. In addition, with Planpoint, De Thuisverpleegster saves important time on planning and payroll administration, thanks to the link with the social secretariat. For Françoise, this is valuable time that can be used for even better home services.

“It’s a luxury for me when I see where I’m coming from. I feel I have a grip on the planning, that everything around it is handled correctly. Planpoint is super functional. It saves me money, time and offers a lot of possibilities. And the cooperation with Déhora is really pleasant. I was able to provide a lot of input for this software myself. And what’s not in it, they fix. Every customer benefits from these new things. Asking can’t hurt! I think they know me well by now (laughs).” Françoise concludes cheerfully.

“I feel like I have a grip on the planning, that everything around it is handled correctly. Planpoint is super functional. It saves me money, time and offers a lot of possibilities”

Françoise Vercruysse

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