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Planpoint Workforce Management platform

Planpoint is a comprehensive and scalable workforce planning and employee scheduling software, with the addition of supporting capabilities.

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Planpoint WFM platform

One unified solution

Secure the staff planning of different deparments and services in the same WFM system.

Thanks to the innovative and flexible nature of our software, we can secure the scheduling of all your services in one and the same integrated Planpoint system. Regardless of whether you are scheduling shifts, tasks or customers.

This means: one WFM software throughout your organization, smooth implementation, no duplicate registrations and more results. And this without costly customization.

Moreover, you can scale up at your own pace. You can start with one department and join later with another. The possibilities are endless:

  • Home care and residential care centers;
  • Manufacturing and in-house technicians;
  • All city services: chore service, library and BKO;
  • Workplace planning and training;
  • Operational services along with receptionists;
Planpoint WFM platform

Endless possibilities for your Workforce Management

Combine smart workforce scheduling with supporting solutions such as time tracking, employee management, employee self service and more.

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Planpoint WFM platform

Why Planpoint?

Maximum support in all aspects of Workforce Management and workforce scheduling.

By planners, for planners

Planpoint is built on more than 35 years of experience in the workforce management profession.

All types of scheduling

Thanks to our flexible and modular approach, Planpoint can handle just about any type of scheduling. Tasks, services and orders.

Integrated solution

Integrate different business units into the same system. Each with their own planning.


Planpoint is a cloud-based software, with a mobile first philosophy, ready for the future.

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