Planpoint step by step commissioning of your scheduling software

Step-by-step onboarding

The implementation and commissioning of your (new) WFM software is a very important process. We always strive for a successful start-up and design, and that is why we follow a number of fixed steps.

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Step one

Preparation and planning

Every collaboration starts with a kick-off. You will be assigned a dedicated project leader from Déhora

Together you determine clear business objectives, and we also pay attention to communication and support. We identify possible risks in advance. After this kick-off, it is clear to everyone what is expected of each other and what the overall process looks like. In short, the implementation plan.

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Stap twwo


We start the actual implementation and we delve into your specific scheduling and WFM

We get to know your organization from top to bottom. Your internal WFM processes are carefully examined and how they can be optimized or improved. We determine what needs to be set up, how this will best proceed, and who will ultimately be involved. Any technical questions or links are discussed in detail here

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Step three


Once all agreements and to-do's have been written down in detail, you will start working with our implementation consultant.

We set up your Planpoint software step-by-step. We include your key users and administrators as much as possible. You retain control and insight into the progress of the planning at all times. We strongly believe in short lines and open communication. Another part of this phase are on-site training days. Here your planners and involved employees will receive an explanation about Planpoint and you will set up a number of crucial matters together with the consultant.

Step four

Go live (and testing)

After installation, extensive testing can be done. Any adjustments can still be made, our team is prepared for that.

Has everything been extensively tested and the current data transferred? Then we officially turn the switch! From that moment on, you will work entirely with Planpoint. There may still be some questions in the first weeks after going live. A few weeks after go-live, we always plan a support day to tackle the latest questions.

Step five

Evaluation and aftercare

Even after go-live, our teams remain available to provide the necessary support and assistance.

You can also count on our care in the period after commissioning. As a customer, you can contact the Déhora Support Desk for all technical issues, installations, repairs and general technical questions.

Every now and then your contact person will visit the office to see whether we can still support you and whether the software is still suitable. Perhaps the services have been expanded or new employees have been added. In addition, new interesting functionalities are regularly added to Planpoint.

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